Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel my order or reservation?

The ability to cancel your transaction or booking on BundlePe is dependent on the merchant app via which you placed your order or made your booking. You can cancel your order or book with merchants that allow cancellations by opening the merchant app on BundlePe .

If you require any additional information on your order or booking, please contact the merchant directly.

Important: While BundlePe accepts full responsibility for any payment-related issues, we believe that the merchant whose app you used to place your order or make a booking will be better positioned to resolve any order- or booking-related issues.

Is it possible to cancel a BundlePe recharge?

No, you cannot cancel a recharge request once it has been initiated on BundlePe. This also applies to pending recharges.

Grievances Addresse Officer:

Anup Kumar Mallick

[email protected]


Cancellation Policy